CABCON Technologies is the sole agency in South Africa for:

HARTING Device Connectivity

HARTING is a privately owned German company with more than 3,000 employees worldwide. HARTINGs connectors are manufactured in accordance to EN ISO 9001 specifications and standards. HARTING Electronics connectors are used in the make-up of circuit boards, railway engineering, fields of packaging, automated assembly, and automation engineering. For multimedia purposes, HARTING connectors provide high attenuation, screening miniaturization, and environmental compatibility. HARTING connectors provide energy generation from both renewable and conventional resources as well as energy transmission and distribution.


The catalogue for TCA Connectors is available on the HARTING web page. This catalogue contains detailed information on Advanced MC(TM), Power as well as on Plug connectors for Advanced TCA® and Micro TCA(TM). The features and benefits of the quality seal con:card+ that stands for the exceptional reliability and cost efficiency of the HARTING Advanced MC(TM) connectors are explained in the catalogue. It also demonstrates the tooling developed for the press-in termination of the connectors and the signal integrity support HARTING offers for the customers’ end products.