CABCON Technologies is the sole agency in South Africa for:

HARTING Device Connectivity

HARTING is a privately owned German company with more than 3,000 employees worldwide. HARTINGs connectors are manufactured in accordance to EN ISO 9001 specifications and standards. HARTING Electronics connectors are used in the make-up of circuit boards, railway engineering, fields of packaging, automated assembly, and automation engineering. For multimedia purposes, HARTING connectors provide high attenuation, screening miniaturization, and environmental compatibility. HARTING connectors provide energy generation from both renewable and conventional resources as well as energy transmission and distribution.


The 3 to 160 way connectors offer various terminations like solder, SMC (reflow solder), press-in, crimp or IDC. Each contact is capable of carrying from 2A to 40A. The 5 row har-bus® 64 connector is 100 % forwards and backwards compatible with the type C connectors according to DIN 41612. The design of male and female connectors allows the mating of any combination of the 5 or the 3 row variants. HARTING is the only manufacturer that offers the complete VME64x connector range including male connectors, straight and right-angled female connectors, shrouds, cable connectors and housings.