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HARTING Device Connectivity

HARTING is a privately owned German company with more than 3,000 employees worldwide. HARTINGs connectors are manufactured in accordance to EN ISO 9001 specifications and standards. HARTING Electronics connectors are used in the make-up of circuit boards, railway engineering, fields of packaging, automated assembly, and automation engineering. For multimedia purposes, HARTING connectors provide high attenuation, screening miniaturization, and environmental compatibility. HARTING connectors provide energy generation from both renewable and conventional resources as well as energy transmission and distribution.

Multi-Coaxial Connector System Mini Coax

The HARTING multi-coaxial connector system Mini Coax for board-to-backplane RF interconnection includes connectors for press-in technology with 2 to 10 coaxial lines.

The Mini Coax connector range allows transmission of analogue signals in various applications like cellular base transceiver stations (BTS), repeaters and passenger entertainment systems at radio frequencies up to 2.5GHz per line at further information These compact and rugged connectors provide a 6 Sigma mating reliability thanks to the closed-entry contact design. The compact size of Mini Coax modules (minimum pitch of RF lines is 4.4mm), combined with excellent RF-performance, makes this connector system especially suitable for high-end equipment.

The modules are available in metric sizes of 1.00, 1.25 and 1.50 SU (SU = System Unit = 25mm) for both cable assemblies and PCBs with 2 to 10 coaxial lines.

HARTING offers customized cable assemblies, including adaptor cables, to the most popular discrete coaxial contacts such as SMA, SMB, BNC, N-Type, etc. A complete range of accessories and tools supports the wide product range of multi-coaxial connectors Mini Coax.