Company Profile

Established in 1980, All Cable was taken over by CABCON Technologies (Pty) Ltd in 2003. CABCON Technologies quickly became an established South African cable manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of local and specialized cables, connectors and accessories.

CABCON Technologies (Pty) Ltd offers uncompromising adherence to quality and customer specification standards, yet is able to offer flexible and competitive pricing across its product range. In other words, CABCON does not cut corners to cut costs at the customers’ expense. If we say a cable is made a certain way, albeit standard specification or customer request, then that is how the cable is made.

Interesting facts

CABCON is BEE compliant.

CABCON is a member of the FDIA.

CABCON houses its own fire testing laboratory.

CABCON is one of the few companies in South Africa to manufacture silicone cable.

CABCON is currently the only cable manufacturer in South Africa to locally produce fire resistant cable PH30 as well as PH120. The PH30 meets the fire resistant standard when tested in accordance with the BS EN 50200 method; PH120 meets the fire resistant standard when tested in accordance with the BS EN 50200 & BS 8434-2 method. In attaining these standards, both cables meet the requirements as set out in SANS 10139.

At CABCON, the following standards are used in the manufacture of our cables:

  • SANS 1411-1 for copper conductors
  • SANS 1411-2 for PVC grades for insulation and sheathing
  • SANS 1411-3 for silicone compound
  • SANS 1411-4 for cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE)
  • SANS 1411-5 for halogen free, flame retardant materials for insulation and sheathing
  • SANS 1411-6 for cable armouring (SWA)
  • SANS 1411-7 for polyethylene (PE) for insulation

All compounds used by CABCON in insulation, bedding and sheathing are Heavy Metal Free (HMF) (Lead Free) - ROHS compliant.

CABCON manufactures and supplies cable and connectors that are used in a variety of infrastructure from power stations to airports.

CABCON manufactures its cable under the trademark CAB-TECH™. This is a technically advanced product of the highest quality, yet still priced to remain competitive in the market.

As a manufacturer, CABCON is versatile; cable can be made according to customer specifications. If a different class of cable or fewer stranding is required, or perhaps additional stranding with uncommon sheathing colours; CABCON can manufacture it for you.