Cabcon Technologies (Pty) Ltd started in 2003 as a small distributer of basic cables in Benoni, but quickly grew into a significant manufacturing company with hundreds of local and specialized cables, connectors and accessories that are manufactured and distributed across the world.

Cabcon Technologies (Pty) Ltd offers uncompromising adherence to quality and customer specification standards, yet is able to offer flexible and competitive pricing across its product range. Cabcon does not deviate from national standards to cut costs at the customers' expense.

Cabcon has designed a number of speciality cables for customers who had a specific cable requirement but did not know how to achieve it. Through its design and ingenuity Cabcon is able to manufacture some of the most unique application cables in the industry, including a speciality cable approved by overseas customers.

Cabcon is ISO certified and cable manufactured under our CAB-TECH™ trademark offers the kind of quality that gives peace of mind to our customers, knowing the cable installed will function as it was intended and will offer the kind of safety and reliability that is expected.


CABCONs CAB-TECH fire resistant cable is the only fire resistant cable that has been tested by SABS and passed.

CABCON is a member of the FDIA.

CABCON cable is manufactured according to ISO standards.

Due to the server copper shortage experienced by CABCON during 2018 which had a server impact on our manufacturing capabilities. The decision was taken to invest in CABCONs own tinning line and multi end wire drawing plants. This investment lead to CABCON to invest in new automated extruder equipment, this investment will lead to better productivity. CABCON intends to continue with its automated equipment investments to achieve better productivity results.

CABCON has its' own injection moulding machine to manufacture small plastic spools.

CABCON houses its own cable laboratory and fire testing laboratory.

At CABCON, the following standards are used in the manufacture of our cables:

SANS 1411-1 for copper conductors

SANS 1411-2 for PVC grades for insulation and sheathing

SANS 1411-3 for silicone compound

SANS 1411-4 for cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE)

SANS 1411-5 for halogen free, flame retardant materials for insulation and sheathing

SANS 1411-6 for cable armouring (SWA)

SANS 1411-7 for polyethylene (PE) for insulation

All compounds used by CABCON in insulation, bedding and sheathing are Heavy Metal Free (HMF) (Lead Free) - ROHS compliant.

XLPE can NOT be manufactured in South Africa, this compound that is “deemed” to be locally obtained can only be produced in foreign countries.

CABCON manufactures and supplies cables that are used in a variety of infrastructure from power stations to airports.

CABCON manufactures its cable under the trademark CAB-TECH™. This is a technically advanced product of the highest quality, yet still priced to remain competitive in the market.